Adventures in Generative Transformation: Shocking raw footage of permaculture designers caught in the act with their paints (and pens and pencils) down

Once again this week I share a little video to keep things ticking along while I organise myself some time to progress the current inquiry, edit up the next podcast episode, and so forth. So, please enjoy this window into a beautiful recent experience inside the C3 space of generative transformation (learn more about what this means starting here).

Mega thanks to Christy, Luke and Tully for being such a deep pleasure to work with in this way (A way they already know so well from their work as creative artists).


  1. Beautiful approach! It just gave me the idea of doing the same thing in terms of garden design — cut some big branches and stick them in the ground as mock-up young trees to model the backbone of multistrata design — play with how different configurations affect sun and shade, etc. Has anyone been crazy enough to try this?

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