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The Alex Bayley podcast

In case you hadn’t noticed, Making Permaculture Stronger now has a podcast. So far have recorded conversations with Rosemary Morrow on permaculture design process…

…Bridget O’Brien on design process and her game Adapt

…and today I’m excited to release the latest Making Permaculture Stronger podcast – a discussion the topic of Agile Permaculture with Alex Bayley:

Agile Permaculture – Alex’s Blog

Not long after we recorded the podcast, Alex started releasing an ongoing blog series exploring the topic of agile permaculture in detail. This post has some background and lead in, then the series starts here. Great stuff, well written, and well worth checking out.

Making Permaculture Stronger News

Much as I enjoyed documenting and sharing the experience, I’m stoked to have finished the advanced course write up. I am now gearing up to hook back into our current inquiry into the relation between designing and implementing in permaculture.

Meantime there have been a few Making Permaculture Stronger themed gatherings recently, and others planned, so let me quickly fill you in:

New Zealand

The New Zealand permaculture community had its third weekend gathering on the theme of making permaculture stronger recently. The first two gatherings respectively explored permaculture design process and permaculture education. Then this most recent gathering on July 1st & 2nd was about permaculture professional practice. Though I have only attended the first event in this series, my NZ friends have shared that all three have had fantastic energy and I see that the fourth event (or “hui” as they are known in NZ) looking at making social permaculture stronger is booked in for early 2018. Go NZ!

Actually, whilst I think of it, here is a short clip in which David Holmgren experiences his support for these discussions in NZ:


On July 4, 2017, eight of us gathered for a day in Castlemaine, Victoria, for Australia’s first making permaculture stronger gathering. It was a rich dialogue where, amongst much else, I was delighted to have input into the making permaculture stronger blog projects next six months or so. Thanks so much to Linton, Alex, Anthony, Tom, Sharn, Greg, and Mark for coming along. Let me know if you’d like to join the informal email discussion group in which the discussions from the day have been continuing.


This coming November David (‘Phoenix’) Hursthouse will be representing making permaculture stronger at the international permaculture convergence in India, where he’ll lead a session on the topic. Go Phoenix and all the best for a wonderful session and convergence.


So to give you a heads up, next steps from here involve picking up where we left off in our inquiry into designing and implementing (which there probably is around another nine or ten posts in). I then look forward to bringing together the findings of Inquiries One and Two and unveiling where it is feeling like this little project is going to head next.

My intention is to release a new post at least once per week on a Saturday morning (Melbourne time).

Along the way there will be more podcasts (with Morag Gamble among others), and I’m hoping we’ll also start seeing some guest posts by others starting to flow in too.

Right then, onwards!


  1. Hi, Dan. I’m excited to see your new podcast; however, I can’t subscribe to it in my favourite podcasting app. Is there some way to turn on RSS feeds in SoundCloud for your channel? I’m not sure how it’s done, but this seems to be the official resource:

    (I’m the guy you asked to review a few articles on agile software and permaculture. Sorry I was so quiet; new baby in the house, I’m sure you understand 😉 )

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