• From Linton Cummins on Good folk already Making Permaculture Stronger

    Brilliant list of some people that I wasn’t aware of. Good rationale for the website, I remember you touching on some of the tenets of what you’re wanting to achieve with in at the Advanced PDC. Great to witness this new project that you’re up to, peace 🙂

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    2016/04/12 at 4:28 pm
  • From Goshen Watts on Good folk already Making Permaculture Stronger

    Great list, and reading.
    Critical thinking and rigorous design is extremely important, and those from within the permaculture movement are engaged in important discussions (where I’m out of my depth) , but…

    I wanted to share my own little piece titled the ‘Critics of Permaculture’; which is some writings about the critics of Permaculture generally from outside the movement, which I consider as important, if not more-so.

    Although I do agree that permaculture needs strengthening. Especially by creating permaculture sites that WORK, and can be seen to work. That, I would ague, is what people care about.

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    2016/04/13 at 2:47 pm
    • From Dan Palmer on Good folk already Making Permaculture Stronger

      Thanks Goshen and so great to hear from you (and Linton)! Some great discussion on your site there re critics of permaculture – thanks for sharing. I also agree re the huge, pivotal importance of working model systems. Without these it’s just bunch of chatter really. That said I am increasingly seeing the need for model system plus open sharing of the process used to generate and maintain them. What we need to go viral, as it were, is the process that generates great permaculture systems. The great permaculture systems will be a wonderful and inevitable byproduct!

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      2016/04/16 at 12:50 pm
  • From Shane Rush on A Proposed Weak Link: Neglect of Design Process: Part One

    Hi Dan,
    I have just read through all your posts on this link and think you are on the right track. I read it this morning along with the article below –

    in which George laments the lack of a credible ideological alternative to the neo liberal machine post the 2008 financial crisis. At this moment in history we had the chance to accept the awful mistakes that had led us to this meltdown and begin afresh. Of course there would have been and there still are credible alternatives to the status quo but the powers that be lacked the intestinal fortitude to change the course of history for the better.

    I mention this because you refer to the moment when Permaculture ‘ needs to shine and get its gallop on’ and the concern you have that its design systems may not be as robust as they need to be in order to be truly credible to what will invariably be a suspicious and doubting ‘mainstream’. I think your work in attempting a constructive critique of the design systems of permaculture and identifying where the weak links are and making them stronger is important work if permaculture is to be taken seriously as a ‘mainstream’ alternative.

    As a relative newbie to the discipline i am not sure i can offer you much assistance at this stage other than my moral support. I have just started my first PDC through the Waikato Environment Centre so will pay attention to the course structure in light of your observations, so as to better understand how improvements can be made in the future.

    Looking forward to catching up at the Hui.

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    2016/04/17 at 10:02 am
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