Over time different communities are emerging as part of the Making Permaculture Stronger project. Currently a group of around thirteen of us meet online every six weeks for a few hours. Most sessions include:

  • Dan inviting us to reflect on how we currently think about or approach some key aspect of permaculture design process (this usually happens in breakout groups of two or three people).
  • Dan then shares a framework he’s been working with that makes several different ways of approaching that thing explicit. Participants now reflect on how their originally articulated understanding sits (or doesn’t sit) within this context.
  • Members from the group share either an upcoming, ongoing, or recently completed design process experience. Often this involves sharing something they agreed to do during the last session. Anyone sharing benefits from reflections from Dan and the rest of the group.
  • Sometimes Dan sharing ideas or diagrams from one of his books-in-preparation

A key focus of this group is collaboratively becoming more literate in the dynamics of healthy design process.

The usual way to join this group is to support the project and become a patron at the $10 per month or above tier. However if for whatever reason this is unfeasible please contact Dan to explain your situation as he doesn’t want to exclude anyone on financial grounds if participating in this group would make your permaculture work in the world more effective.

Over time it is anticipated that several different online communities will emerge, quite possibly organised around:

  • Those wanting to start practicing permaculture design at a professional level
  • Those wanting to deepen their existing practice
  • Those of us consciously inquiring into our practice and sharing the results with each other

Please be in touch if any of these appeal to you. It only takes two of us to start a new one off!