Can we use Inner-Permaculture to help us face a collapsing world? – Dan Palmer interviewed by Dean Spillane-Walker

Hey all. For some reason I entered this conversation anticipating it would be a kind of straightforward, relatively surface affair. I don’t know what the heck I was thinking. I clearly hadn’t done my homework, and I was so wrong. Dean is this beautifully deep person who kind of saturated me with wave after wave of profound, considered questions where I needed to slow down and shift my state of being just to meet and do any kind of justice. This conversation happened late last year in November 2019 and going back I noticed I made some now even more relevant comments about crises and their actual and psychological fallouts at about the 40m mark (you can cut straight to that section here). Anyways it is more personal than usual, but what the heck, I really appreciated Dean’s questions and I share it here with you to make of what you will :-). If you also like Dean’s style I see he has a bunch of (no-doubt equally considered) interviews including many focused on aspects of the Coronavirus crisis on his youtube channel The Poetry of Predicament.


  1. Great to get to know you better and better, Dan. Amazing interview. Sometimes it is better not to be ready : ) as you are so well aware, even if you pretend otherwise with your courteous apology at the beginning. We were lucky you were caught off guard, or may I see in liquid state? His speed was of the essence! Your interviews are always so fast-paced, but his quietness really steadied you and allowed you to have space to go in-depth, into yourself. I am very fast-paced like you are, and I have incredible friends to remind me of the benefits of slowness.

    Off to the Bill Reed interview now. Seems promising : ),

  2. Wow, Dan. That was beautiful. Such great depth and vulnerability. Very helpful for me to hear and watch. Thank you so much for posting it. Much love and hugs. Bill

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