Where Making Permaculture Stronger came from – A talk by Dan Palmer

This video is of a short talk I gave over two years ago. It was June 2016, just as the whole Making Permaculture Stronger project was germinating and emerging into being.

Some permaculture colleagues in New Zealand had put me on the spot and requested an impromptu explanation of what the heck I was going on about.

I want to stress that my thinking and feeling and experiencing of all of this stuff has evolved dramatically over the last few years. I would phrase much of this differently today. Back then I was oblivious to many nuances which have subsequently come to light. Indeed, the ideas I shared in this clip sparked and have led to much further inquiry, experimentation, dialogue, and collaboration. Making Permaculture Stronger is a fast-moving moving target!

Nonetheless, the overall gist and the underlying volition continues to resonate with what Making Permaculture Stronger is all about for me.

I share this video in the interests of stirring up healthy, vigorous discussion, so please don’t hold back from sharing your honest impressions in the comments below. What, if anything, resonates for you? What, if anything, doesn’t?

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