David Holmgren on his permaculture journey, future scenarios, retrosuburbia and much else…

This week I share a lovely chat with David Holmgren that I recorded for the lovely folk behind the Dumbo Feather podcast. Enjoy!

David Holmgren encountering a black wallaby gardening the gully in Hepburn on the recent Advanced Permaculture Design Process workshop. Thanks to Sonja Leigh for the photo.

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  1. Some really very ideas in this wonderful dialogue. Take David’s observation that a situation’s constraints inherently provide the nascent impetus to enable us to make better decisions (if we frame them accordingly). Taking the challenges of our particular geographical location, under climate change, for example, David seems to be saying that it serves us equally ill to approach its limitations with Panglossian optimism or wistfully hoping we were somewhere else; the (hard won) pragmatic realism of Candide is more likely to lead us to more creative and durable solutions…A simply wonderful conversation David and Dan (and hats off too to Dumbo Feather).

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