Morag Gamble on Permaculture, Life, and Citizen Design (E13)

In this episode I speak with Morag Gamble from Our Permaculture Life, the Permaculture Education Institute, and her very active youtube channel.

I’m still getting to know Morag after meeting her recently at the fourteenth Australasian Permaculture Convergence. Morag attended sessions I lead on both Making Permaculture Stronger and Living Design Process and afterward we had the best conversation about it all. But I didn’t realise how on the same page we were, and how much longer Morag had been on that page, and just how much I have to learn from her about it, until we recorded this chat. Enjoy, and huge gratitude to Morag for taking the time, and being who she is, and doing all the incredible stuff she’s doing toward lifting up and growing and sharing what is great about permaculture.

Here are the people, books, links etc Morag refers to in this episode.

Fritjof Capra

The Reenchantment of the World by Morris Berman

Victor Papenek

Helena Norberg-Hodge

Vandana Shiva

Christopher Day (Author of Places of the Soul)

Schumacher College

Patrick Whitefield

Jan Gehl

Nick Rose Sustain book

Developing Citizen Designers (book)

Our Permaculture Life

Oh yes, and here’s a happy snap of Morag and I taken just last week at Food Connect in Brisbane:

…and I finish with a lovely youtube masterclass where Morag shares five steps to getting started with permaculture design:


  1. Such a beautiful invitation to living the design process and building community. Thanks for the introduction to Morag!

  2. Already looking forward to the next instalment. About the head down the Our Permaculture Life blog and Morag’s YouTube page rabbit hole for further information and inspiration.

  3. Thanks so much for this wonderful interview, Dan. I have often thought that permaculture provides us with the model for the best way to be human, and Morag is just one piece of hard evidence for that. Such a generous and inspirational person.

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