Jason Gerhardt returns for a third episode (E35)

Jason Gerhardt teaching

Such a pleasure to reconnect and get back in resonance with Jason after quite a while in this free-flowing conversation. We talk the current pandemic, ways of responding individually and collectively, and continue our themes around design process and story of people/place. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and thanks so much for the comment from permaculturalist Wesley Rowe that listening to this is “like peering in on conversations I have with friends” :-).


  1. Thanks for offering this gentle, easy-listening episode which helped me reflect on my own situation within the pandemic. It made me more aware and appreciative of some of the life choices I’ve made which, although they weren’t made with mitigating the effects of a pandemic in mind, have made me much more prepared to take a situation like this on the chin. I compare my own choices to those of people I grew up with and see how I’ve come to arrive in a completely different place, through a combination of chance/fortune and conscious design, to be pretty much where I’d want to be in a situation like the one we’re in. So I’m appreciating my innate design capacity, and appreciating how maybe I’ve been ‘winging it’ a good deal less than I previously gave myself credit for. I’m also appreciating the village I live in, with all its flaws, a good deal more after listening to this episode. Thanks for stimulating all these thoughts!

    1. Right on Finn and I feel similarly grateful to have developed a half-decent mind and skillset for navigating this kind of disruption to normality.

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