Simon Marshall and Dan Palmer on evolving one’s permaculture design practice (e37)

This episode marks new ground for this podcast. I share the start of what will become a several-episode conversation working with permaculture designer Simon Marshall. Simon reached out and asked if I’d help him explore ways we can evolve his practice in desired directions. In this episode we set the scene and in the next episode we’ll dive right into the business at hand.

I hope you enjoy this new direction for the podcast and huge thanks to Simon for being up for giving this a try. In this episode we set the scene and we’ll get down to work proper in the next episode.

You can visit Simon’s existing website here and here are some design illustrations he shares in the chat (and that I reference there by image number).

Image One
Err, let’s call this a continuation of Image One
Image Two
Image Three


  1. Great; thanks for Part 1; and thanks to Simon for sharing some of the common things permaculture designers run into; resonates with me. Def some good questions in there about the practicalities of design… look forward to hearing some discussion on them (hopefully).

    1. Thanks Goshen and so you know there is a lot of practical discussion coming up about this stuff in upcoming episodes with Scott Gallant and Javan Bernakovitch both of whom are unrelenting at asking questions getting me to spit out the practical details about transitioning from a more conventional expert designer model to a more mentorship-based approach…

  2. What a cliffhanger, Dan! You were just getting going! Looking forward to what emerges in Part 2 🙂

    1. Well, Finn, if you’d waited a week before listening you could have skipped straight to the rest of the conversation :-). It was just too good not let the suspense hang in the air a while :-). I am also experimenting and want to hear from folk about what podcast length works well in general. In this case because the real conversation only starts 30m in, I thought it might be best to have that as the very beginning of the next episode rather than a continuation of this one. But I want to hear about your experience listeners and I tell you I will take note!

      1. But Dan – that would be another week to hear the first episode, which would be a cliffhanger of anticipation of another sort.

        Personally I’m happy with whatever length, since I can pause podcasts whenever I want. But there is a certain minimum length for the conversation to develop.

        Excellent first part. Looking forward to the rest. Simon is a great interviewee and his story was honest and very relatable to.

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