Weekly Report with Anna Lena: Dan’s practical adventures with Living Design Process (e39)

Hey all. I am excited to be here trying out yet anther new experiment in making this project as accessible and practical and interesting as possible.

You see I’ve recently started becoming friends with a group of graduates of Schumacher college. Mainly Anna Lena from France and Ahmed from Bahrain.

Anna Lena and Ahmed initially reached out, having come across some of my stuff on Living Design Process online. They sensed resonance with their own inquiry into what they are calling dialogue with place. After attending one of their online gatherings, the resonance was confirmed, and we all felt potential in continuing to explore the obvious synergies.

So we had this lovely emergent conversation just the other day where the idea emerged of checking in weekly and sharing for ten minutes or so what’s alive in us relating to our our practical projects.

Where I realised I could release my bit where I share about my design process adventures here. Potentially as a weekly sort of update. This fits in with the strong will I’ve been feeling toward starting to share more of this Living Design Process approach I’ve alluded to but haven’t yet really dived into directly.

I’m not sure whether to use the audio episode format, the video format, or both, so I’ll share both here and ask some of you what you reckon will work best moving forward.

Also here is a that link to Lierlou and the Village – the name of the wonderful project Anna-Lena is part of.

Thanks so much to Anna Lena for the chat and to Ahmed also for the way in which this all emerged.


  1. Lovely initiative. Would be great to hear how Anna and the other voices you are in dialogue with are working through their week as well — are you only including your report because they prefer to keep their part of the conversation private?

    1. Thanks Sarah and Siddiq. First up you can listen to the whole conversation here. FYI there is no reason I can’t share the other’s sharings. I can appreciate how anyone might be curious to hear (I mean I would be if I hadn’t already heard it live :-)), and I’m sitting with to what extent it would be in service of MPS’s purpose which is to inspire creative exploration and dialogue around permaculture design process, in a way that develops our ability to think and act creatively as a community, to enable permaculture practitioners to effect the large scale systemic change we need. One possibility I’m sitting with is that I share (and link to) the whole conversation over at http://www.desigingforlife.org, given it is right on track with that project’s purpose (which is around collaboratively exploring and developing processes that bring us back to life), and maybe keeping it more focused for MPS, lest that drifts off-purpose over time (and I start sharing people’s reflections regardless of a direct permaculture connection or not and some of the audience used to that direct connection leaves). Anyways, other’s thoughts about this are very welcome, it’s all an experiment, and I will see how it’s feeling after our next catch up and maybe even take it conversation by conversation as to whether it feels on-purpose to share the whole or simply my part of these delightful engagements.

  2. A wonderful dialogue beaming with positivity and awareness. It very much felt like you were in resonance with each other. Anna’s questions were really insightful and always pinpointing and responding to what had just been shared. This is a great example of how a regular peer check-in system can work. Inspiring! I hope you will post more of these.

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