Regenerating Design Process and Manifesting Making Permaculture Stronger’s Development (e44)

The idea for this this episode came to me about 20 minutes before I hit record. I share a second pass on a reflection process I’d just finished applying to Making Permaculture Stronger. It is all based on stuff from Carol Sanford’s The Regenerative Life book, a series of free morning meetings she recently ran, and stuff I’ve learned by being part of one of her Seed Communities. I’d be tickled if you’d drop me a line letting me know how this episode landed for you. Oh yes, if you’re curious how I got started with Carol Sanford’s stuff, it all started with this unforgettably disruptive experience right here.


    1. Hey Jazmyn lovely to hear from you and thanks for asking! Making Permaculture Stronger has a patreon page here where folk have the opportunity to support the project financially and access various resources and member communities aimed at developing our permaculture design process intelligence together. It has some awesome energy and momentum behind it and is allowing me to focus more time on the project and even hire a little bit of help to develop the website and all.

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