Bringing Education back to Life with Emma Morris (e45)

This episode is a conversation with Emma Morris from Aotearoa New Zealand who fills us in on the last several chapters of her learning journey around regenerative education practices. It’s a great chat and I can’t wait to hear how the learning centre project Emma is involved in unfolds from here.

You can find the project here, and sign up for the project newsletter here.

The Learning Framework Emma and colleagues have arrived at.
Close-up of the middle section
Another awesome project graphic I found – love it!


  1. Thank you Dan and Emma! Living here in Aotearoa this way is so connected to place on all its levels. Makes me wonder how this is happening in Oz the place of my upbringing. Another interview perhaps?

  2. Another incredible perspective-shifting podcast Dan. Great introduction the work Emma is a part of! Really appreciate her Learning Approach. Couldn’t have come at a better time, as there’s a really cool opportunity for something like that unfolding here in the Whakatane area. Thank you!

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