Permaculture design pathways – the latest adventures of Simon Marshall (e47)

In this episode I catch up with Simon Marshall after our prior conversation about where he wanted to take his permaculture design practice back in Episodes 37 and 38. It is quite amazing how much of what he was aspiring toward then has manifested itself in the meantime, and along the way we discuss:

  • The complexities of permaculture process and project facilitation when many stakeholders are involved
  • The challenge of breaking the centre of gravity of design projects out of an arrest disorder paradigm towards regenerating life
  • The idea of mental energies at the vital, automatic, sensitive and conscious levels (ah la Carol Sanford)
  • Using inner aims to become conscious and transform process outcomes
  • Much else!

I also reflect a little on the wild times we’re in at the start and share a project update at the end. To summarise the update:

  • Allan Savory will be our next guest, followed in the subsequent episode by a review of Scott and Sam from Porvenir design‘s holistic context
  • Several interviews with David Holmgren sharing his permaculture design process journey are the plan after that which will feed right into Phase Two’s conversation about regenerating permaculture by going back to its originating impulse
  • I’m in discussions with David Holmgren about the taking our course on Advanced Permaculture Design Process online
  • The first MPS book creation process is gathering momentum
  • I share some flavours of the recent poll results
  • The regular gathering of project supporters is going strong as we all depend our design process literacy in theory and practice together. Learn more on the project patreon page.

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  1. Not only was that interesting and relevant as a great practical example of what it can really be like, it was also fun to listen to. Simon was an excellent interviewee and brave for putting himself out there – he also has a good sense of humour. He’s clearly a very good and reflective practitioner, who is worth a listen.

    Would be really interesting to hear how Simon is going every three months or so as how an experienced permaculturist navigates the very un-environmental world we live in.

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