Online Holistic Decision Making Course

Note: This course happens on Sundays 12pm – 2pm NZ time. Click here to translate this to your timezone.

Join Dan Palmer online to not only learn about Holistic Decision Making but to bring it alive in your daily lived experience.

This course will support you to:

  • Learn “what is HDM?”
  • Uncover and articulate your own unique life context including your core values
  • Start making decisions toward it
  • Rewire your brain to put your core values before your goals (and to know the difference)
  • Integrate getting, sensing, feeling and thinking as complementary resources in decision making
  • Get crystal clear on the difference between what is important and not important for YOU
  • Connect deeply with the Bright Principles seeking to flow through you into the world
  • Move from merely solving problems to developing and expressing potential
  • Move from being a pattern follower to being a pattern generator
  • Add more value to your community and the place in which you live
  • Learn how to read the signs and take action when you get off-track


This course includes:

  • 2-hour live zoom call each week for six weeks, with homework videos and exercises between
  • Weekly homework to focus and deepen your engagement (you should allow for at least another two hours of your time each week for this to really get the most from the course)
  • An online forum for interactive discussion and support along the way
  • A comprehensive workbook developed especially for this workshop
  • Ongoing access for six months to recordings and latest versions of all resources
  • Access to an ongoing community of practice after the courses ends

Learn more and register here.

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