Hannah Moloney on Permaculture Design, Business, and Life (E07)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a rich conversation with his friend and permaculture colleague Hannah Moloney from Good Life Permaculture in Hobart. Hannah and Dan explore:

  • How Hannah got into all this
  • Hannah’s journey working as a professional permaculture designer
  • The permaculture design process Hannah uses
  • The tension between providing a service people are willing to pay for and honouring sound process at the same time
  • Much more

Here are some of Hannah’s design diagrams (more here):

Her and Anton and their daughter Frida’s beeuitiful pink home on a hill (more here):

and Dan, Hannah, Anton (and young Frida) in 2015…

and 2016…


  1. What a lovely interview: Hannah was wonderful. Commonsense and joyful. The discussion about working with clients and saving them from being too hasty was very grounded. It was an effective counterpoint to other (albeit interesting) metaphysical discussions in this series around permaculture design process. Leavening! The design images and photographs filled out the the story beautifully too.] Good work.

  2. Interesting podcast but maybe let the guest speak more to follow their thoughts to a natural conclusion, you seem to interrupt quite a bit. Also, try to avoid saying “yes, ya, yep” etc. in agreement as it breaks up the flow a lot. Just some suggestions. Great job!

    1. Thanks Spencer and thanks for those tips – figuring this out as I go along and I really appreciate these kinds of honest impressions I can incorporate into future episodes.

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