On the Relation between Designing and Implementing in Permaculture – Part 14

In the last post we got as far as this high-level concept design for the central area of Oakdene Forest Farm.

Here we start focusing in on the area encircled in red. Here we start a full-blown, move-by-move breakdown of what I’m calling a hybrid design process. You might consider the last two posts a sort of scene-setting warm up exercise.

The Target Space

To start here’s a look-see at the target area through time leading up to where it was when we started this round of design:

Tuning into People


Mum and dad articulated the following intention for the space:


We next caught up with the different areas and sub-areas desired in the space, first in the form it was originally recorded:

Then here in a prettied-up after the fact version:

The above diagram is for me an example of what Christopher Alexander means when he describes a project-specific pattern language as a “word picture.” For the record, I find the above format way more helpful than drawing the same info this way: Creating a Draft Unfolding Sequence

Having tuned into where we were heading with the space and the different areas and sub-areas to be unfolded in the space, we focused on a sensible draft unfolding sequence.

Taking this modified version of Yeomans’ scale of permanence as inspiration…

…we generated this provisional project-specific unfolding sequence:

We then combined this general sequence with the specific areas we wanted to layout in the space:


In the next post we’ll get into the actual unfolding before in the next finally starting to bring implementation into the mix. Have a great week, and catch you then!


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