Living Design Process and the Tetrad of Regenerative Development with Pamela Mang

Sometimes I find myself inside a dialogue that deeply meets me where I am and lifts me up to a place with more clarity, more vitality, and more possibility. This episode with Pamela Mang was one of these. Pamela is long-term friend and colleague of past guests Carol Sanford, Joel Glanzberg, Ben Haggard, and Bill Reed. She has been working in the space of regenerative design, resourcing and development for many decades. Co-founder of Regenesis Group, she is co-author (with Ben) of the 2016 book Regenerative Design and Development. She is also part of the faculty that runs The Regenerative Practitioner (TRP) programme.

In this dialogue Pamela helps me grok the tetrad of regenerative development that Regenesis works from in relation to my own work on Living Design Process.

From this paper which in turn sourced it from Regenesis group.

Upcoming TRPs in NZ and AU

Enrolments for the next Australian programme for TRP are open July 15th – August 19, 2022 and the programme commences on September 7th, 2022. Contact me if you’d like to be connected to Drika, Alana or Lara who are the AU co-hosts.

Enrolments for the next New Zealand programme are open July 15th – August 13th and the programme commences on September 2nd, 2022. I am considering enrolling myself so I may see you on the course. Contact me if you’d like to be connected to Lucy-Mary who is the NZ liaison.

Quotable Quotes

Now for a few things Pamela said that I was moved to write down here:

Design should be a vitalising process. It creates new vitality, new energies that can source different orders of health, different orders of understanding and so on

Pamela Mang
Pamela Mang

The secret about these frameworks is that they don’t replace intuition. They hone it

Pamela Mang

Living Design Process

Find out more about the Living Design Process Pamela was resourcing me to look at through the tetrad framework herethe next online course of Living Design Process kicks off August 6th 2022 (why not complete before your TRP and make this a year of next-level learning!).

Support the Making Permaculture Stronger Book Project

This episode also marks the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to fund the creation of the Making Permaculture Stronger book – here’s the video and here’s a link to the campaign page. Support us and feel the good vibes that follow :-).


  1. Hello, Mika here.

    I just want to share that – imho- this is still one of the greatest (if not the greatest) website for deep permaculture online.

    I find it unbearable that Dan is no longer with us. I can t even imagine how the people near to Dan must feel.

    All of my compassion is with you.

    This project remains relevant and important. Is there any perspective on how this work will continue?

    Best wishes and lots of love from a sad heart.

    Mika from Italy/Senegal/Germany

  2. Thank you Dan Palmer, thank you Pamela Mang for this very regenerating inspiring listen today. Well worth my time and focus.
    You are both so experienced and compassionate – thank you for sharing.
    I love Permaculture design and reflecting on these dimensions for vitalising our process and journey together, will strengthen the regenerative practice and creation of even better designs, for living with and alongside them.

  3. Really appreciative for this conversation.

    I could use some help with the important distinction Pamela made between ‘place sourced’ and ‘place based’.. the more I try to think I know where the boundaries of those are, the more confused I felt..

    (* and although perhaps not the simplist example, but what even is ‘place’ when you are talking about a metaphysical thing like LDP.. perhaps I am overthinking this? But I find myself hung up on what Pamela means; thus disabled which is antithetical to my development? Though perhaps a good struggle –if we’ll guided).

    I tried mentally to use the tetrad with a much simpler ‘activity’ regarding some berry picking I did the other day, but need to sit down and take some notes, feels and thoughts on that some more.

    I will listen to this again and surely drop deeper.

    Thanks Pamela and Dan.

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