An Emergent Conversation with Looby Macnamara (e59)

For some years I’ve been itching to get permaculture designer, teacher and author Looby Macnamara on the show and that dream has finally come true. Not only that, we had such a lovely chat we’ve already booked in a second conversation, where Looby will take us through what she calls her permaculture design web.

Find out more about Looby’s books and other work at her personal website here.

Looby – image source

Find out about Looby’s colleague in cultural emergence, Jon Young, at his website here.

And here is an image of Looby’s permaculture design web that I am excited to explore in our next chat.

Here’s vid of Looby introducing Cultural Emergence

Enjoy the episode, leave a comment, and catch you in episode 60!


  1. Wonderful discussion, great to hear Looby’s voice again here. I did the Cultural Emergence course at Applewood in October 2019 – just before setting off on permaculture exploration travels to South America. I used her dedign web to plan my trip. I ended up getting stuck in Uruguay because of the pandemic but as a result I have met some amazing people and we are trying to start a project together here.

    I would love to take part in an interactive online workshop with Looby.

    Thanks again and best wishes.


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