Michael Wardle: Professional Permaculture Designer and Educator (E57)

Greetings all. In this episode I get to ask my friend and colleague Michael Wardle from Savour Soil Permaculture all kinds of questions about the history and current state of his work as a professional permaculture designer and educator. Lots of great perspectives and hard-earned learnings in this one – I look forward to seeing what you make of it in the comments!

Michael with one of his teachers :-).

You can check out Michael’s facebook page here and his website here, including his design consultancy offerings and a section with a bunch of edible gardening tips here. Michael also has a youtube channel with videos such as this one dropping thick and fast:


  1. This conversation felt particularly relevant to our work; almost like looking where we expect to be in a few years. The bit about removing our biases/preferences from projects is fascinating and an ongoing challenge for us. I liked the simple activity for the PDC to practice at least seeing your initial biases/preferences and trying to break that pattern.

    Oftentimes we have clients that ask straightforwardly “What would you do if this was your land/project?”. There is a mess of missing context trying to answer that. When I answer that I state clearly this is based on my skills, capacity, quality of life I want, and so forth. But I do find it is an opportunity for me to apply my bias/preference in a useful way; giving the client a different lens, and perhaps inspiring them to take a more unique approach. Almost always my answer involves something simpler, slower, with less work/time/money than what the client has been striving for.

    Appreciate the ongoing interviews!

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