Permaculture and Edible Rooftops above Apartments: A Radio Interview

A friend just sent through a link to this recent radio interview I did with Jonathan Green from Radio ABC’s Blueprint for Living Show.

Here’s the link to the show on the Radio ABC website and here it is as an MP3.

Dan Palmer being interviewed by Radio ABC’s Jonathan Green for Blueprint for Living.

If you get through it, you’ll note I didn’t need asking twice at the end when asked about my greater ambitions with this stuff :-).

Here are some of the plans of the rooftop areas we discuss (see here if you’re wondering why Dan Palmer is sharing master plans right now) :

Along with a recent drone shot of the build-in-progress:

When I’m better, hopefully this coming Saturday, I’ll get onto part three of Introducing Phase Two of Making Permaculture Stronger. Can’t wait!

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