Living Design Process Ongoing Education Group

NZD$40.00 / month

NZD: New Zealand dollar (NZD$)


An ongoing membership community where you will be supported in growing and evolving your capacity to work with increasingly alive processes of design and creation. More info below.



What is it?

The Living Design Process Ongoing Education Group is an ongoing membership growing your capacity to bring more aliveness to your processes of design and creation. Led by Dan Palmer, James Andrews, and visiting guests, this active international community requires a willingness to have your basic ideas about working with living systems gently disrupted and grown, over and over. Alongside fortnightly zoom calls, the group interacts and collaborates between gatherings in an online forum.

Who is it for?

To be eligible to join this community you must have completed an online course on Living Design Process with Dan and James or have achieved an equivalent grounding in LDP basics.

You must be committed to fully participating and diving into the ongoing evolution of your design and creation work.

While professional permaculture designers, landscape designers, architects, and so forth are welcome here, non-professionals serous about design and creation are also welcome. You will be someone who senses something of deep value or resonance in LDP, and who is committed to working on themselves toward enhancing their effectiveness as a change agent in the world.

When are the zoom calls?

There are monthly two-hour zoom calls happening on the first Wednesday of each month alternating between NZ time 10am and 7pm. If, due to your timezone you, can only make every other of the two hour sessions, that will work. In these sessions Dan and James guide the exploration of some specific aspect of living design process.

There are also separate monthly one-hour zoom catch ups which are more open-form and where you can get help applying living design process (LDP) to your projects or bring questions to explore together. These will also happen on the first Wednesday of each month alternating between 10am and 7pm NZ time (see calendar below to get the idea). This means that no matter your time zone, you should be able to attend at least one live zoom call every month.

What happens in the zoom calls?

In the two-hour month sessions, Dan and James hold space for an emergent exploration including:

  • wake up reflection exercises (often done in breakout groups)
  • exploring in dialogue key aspects of living design process together
  • ‘fishbowl’ exercises where someone volunteers to share a project they are working on and gets resourced in real time to deepen their approach to it

Photo during a call on an earlier incarnation of this community.

Are the Zoom Calls Recorded?

Yes. All sessions are recorded and accessible as an ongoing resource for all members as long as your membership remains current.

Is there a minimum sign-up time?

No. You are free to join and cancel as pleases you, where while you are signed up you’ll be charged monthly.

Not sure if this is the right fit for you?

Contact Dan to organise a goodness-of-fit call.

Confident that this is the right fit for you?

Great – go ahead and sign up and we’ll get you up and running in the online forum and see you on the next call!