MPS Developmental Community

NZD$30.00 / month

NZD: New Zealand dollar (NZD$)


Support MPS and join an ongoing space where you will be supported in growing and evolving your capacity to see, think, feel, design, and most importantly create in a life-aligned and life-enhancing way. Full details below.



What is it?

Deep exploration of design process is only one layer of the MPS Developmental Community Sessions. The process of the sessions themselves leaves you buzzing with a strong sense of belief in the human potential for collaboration. They’re fun! Dan’s ability to draw out and synthesise the contributions of all participants brings a rare energy and has transformed the way I approach my own teaching practice. Community member Dan Milne.

The Making Permaculture Stronger Developmental Community is an ongoing space where over months and potentially years you will be supported in growing and evolving your capacity to see, think, feel, design, and most importantly create in a life-aligned and life-enhancing way. Led by Dan Palmer, this international community requires active participation and a willingness to have your basic ideas about working with living systems gently exposed, nudged, and grown, over and over. Alongside two-hour face-to-face zoom calls every 4-6 weeks, the community interacts and collaborates between gatherings in an online forum.

Who is it for?

You do not have to be a permaculture designer to join this community, nor do you need a permaculture design certificate course. While a few members are professional designers, most are not, and many find what we explore to be adding value to a wide variety of professions and aspects of life. You will be someone who senses something of value or resonance in Dan’s approach, and who is committed to working on themselves toward enhancing their effectiveness as a change agent in the world. You might also be someone who senses permaculture’s potential and would like to contribute to the deep work toward supporting the expression of this potential.

When are the zoom calls?

The calls are currently from 7-9pm Auckland time on Thursdays. This means they work well for New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, but not so great for the US and Canada. When there is sufficient interest Dan anticipates a second stream meaning that there is a time that works for everyone, but for now please sign up only if you can make this time work (or are happy to support even if you only watch the recordings afterward and connect in the community forum).

What happens in the zoom calls?

Dan holds space for a structured yet emergent format including:

  • wake up reflection exercises (often done in breakout groups)
  • exploring in dialogue key aspects of healthy design process together
  • ‘fishbowl’ exercises where someone volunteers to share a project they are working on and gets resourced in real time to deepen their approach to it

Are the Zoom Calls Recorded?

Yes they are, meaning you can go back and watch any past ones that interest you as well as knowing that if you miss one of the live calls you can always catch up by watching the recording.

What is the current focus?

The current focus is a journey into the realms of what Dan calls Living Design Process. This journey is expected to take most of 2021 and probably a good part of 2022 also. Living Design Process is about bringing our processes of design and creation (of literally anything) back to life. As part of this community you will be invited to participate in Dan’s process of writing a book about Living Design Process.

Is there a minimum sign-up time?

Nope – you are free to join when you like and cancel when you like, where while you are signed up you’ll be charged monthly.

What are the main influences Dan brings to the community?

Dan has been most influenced significantly by Christopher Alexander and Carol Sanford, meaning you can expect to become familiar with many of their ideas in this community.

Not sure if is for you?

Contact Dan and ask to be connected to an existing community member to hear about the experience from their perspective.