Reading Landscape with David Holmgren Videos

Hey all. So in this post I want to share some of the videos we’ve been putting together as part of the current fundraising push for the Reading Landscape Film project. Reading landscape (or unpacking the energies of a situation in general) is a foundational skill in healthy design process and I’m happy to be helping bring David Holmgren’s work and abilities with it more into the open. Please consider supporting us!

Meantime I wanted to let you know that while things have been quiet on the surface, a lot of substantial blog posts and podcast episodes are brewing right now so stay tuned for some making permaculture stronger action the likes of which ain’t never been seen (or heard) before.

Best, Dan

Overall project intro
DH on weeds.
‘Reading’ the history of a magnificent tree.
Reading the suburbs.
Seeing landscape as process
An eight-year-old who knows more about his local ecosystem than most adults!

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