Robyn Francis on her Permaculture Journey (E09)

In this episode Dan from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a conversation with permaculture elder Robyn Francis from Djanbung Gardens.

Amongst other things Robyn shares on:

  • Her recent return to India (having in 1987 co-taught India’s first permaculture design certificate or PDC course alongside Bill Mollison)
  • What she was up to before hearing about permaculture
  • When and how she got involved in permaculture
  • Her own impressions of Bill Mollison’s character having worked alongside him
  • How she got started in permaculture design
  • Her approach to permaculture design process including the roles of
    • Visioning / strategic planning
    • Restraint overlays
  • Her work with communities including Jarlanbah Community
  • Her view on the state of the global permaculture movement
  • A taste of all the amazing projects she is currently involved in, locally, bio-regionally, and abroad (including PDCs in China)

A short video about IPC India 2017 featuring Robyn

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