Setting a vision & some themes/rules of play for this project

I thought I’d put a little more thought into articulating the space in which I would like to see this project exist. First, here’s a draft statement of purpose or reason for existing:

Making Permaculture Stronger is a space where permaculture practitioners come together with a spirit of strengthening the design system aspect of permaculture by clarifying its weaknesses and coordinating efforts to address them.

Here are several things I would like to be true of the way in which this purpose is delivered upon:

  • Making Permaculture Stronger is about slowing down, taking stock, and sharing with honesty about where we are at
  • This sharing happens with a positive focus on improving permaculture. We are interested in clarifying what is problematic only to the extent it will assist our subsequent efforts, or the efforts of others, to make it less problematic.
  • Making Permaculture Stronger is a collaborative project open to anyone for whom the project/effort resonates and who is happy to operate within the context of these parameters (i.e., this list)
  • To participate in this project is to give permission for the administrators/s to make any required decisions according to their judgement of whether a decision accords with the above stated purpose and this list
  • All sharings and communication on Making Permaculture Stronger are focused on patterns, trends, gaps, and so on in permaculture and are not focused on the perceived failings of particular individuals.

Okay, that’s it for now. For anyone interested in this approach to defining an approach to something, it comes from something called holistic management decision making, and you can see an article I wrote explaining it here.