Hey there. Dan Palmer here, founder, curator, and chief content creator / trouble maker for Making Permaculture Stronger.

For well over three years I have enjoyed running this blog and podcast as a self-funded hobby, passion outlet, and sort of self-therapy, getting-things-off-my-chest sort of project. In that time the blog has had over 60,000 views and received over 550 reader comments to the more than 100 posts (some of which are now becoming a book!), 23 podcast episodes (that have been listened to over 30,000 times), and 11 videos. With zero promotional outreach, the associated facebook page has attracted over 1,400 followers.

So the project is alive, and it turns out that I’m still enjoying it enough to have the energy and to find the time to keep it going into the foreseeable future.

I have, however, after three years of talking myself out of it and telling myself no-one would be interested anyway, finally decided to at least open up a channel where folk have the option to support this project financially if they really would like to.

So I recently created a patreon page where from $1 per month you now have the option of drip-feeding Making Permaculture Stronger a little financial lifeblood. Of Making Making Permaculture Stronger Stronger.

To my surprise and delight, even though at that stage the link was hard to find, within a week, and on the very same day, two people signed up. A week later there were six and now are about fifteen meaning this project now enjoys a $215 paycheck each and every month. To discover that followers of this blog and podcast care enough to actually help fund it, I feel unbelievably grateful.

Those supporters chipping in $10 or more per month are invited to regular (currently 6-weekly) online sessions where we are experimenting to co-create an on and offline community of practice around next-level permaculture design.

Anyways, no pressure at all – but you now have an option to help take this project to a whole other level – and I give you my heartfelt thanks in advance for any of you who do decide to chip something in. Oh yes, one person asked if they could skip patreon and set up a direct deposit to my (Australian) bank account. You sure can!

ING Bank
Bank Account name: Daniel Keith Palmer
BSB 923100
Account number 64644420

I can hardly dare to imagine the possibility that in future I could spend whole days working on this project instead of going out to earn money then squeezing in the next blog post after-hours once the kids are asleep. Getting paid to do exactly what I most want to be doing with a good portion my life force. I’m putting it out there though, so let’s wait and see what the heck happens – come on universe, surprise me yet again – I dare you!

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