Hey there. Dan Palmer here, founder, curator, and chief content creator / trouble maker for Making Permaculture Stronger.

For coming up to five years I have enjoyed running this blog and podcast as a self-funded hobby, passion outlet, and sort of self-therapy and self-education. Not to mention an excellent pretext for securing the undivided attention of amazing design process pioneers then befriending them so I can learn even more :-). In that time the blog has had over 80,000 views and received over 700 reader comments to the more than 100 posts (some of which are now becoming a book), nearing 50 podcast episodes (that have been listened to over 60,000 times), and 11 videos. With zero promotional outreach, the associated facebook page alone has attracted over 1,700 followers.

The project, in other words, is very much alive.

After the first four years years of telling myself no-one would be interested, I decided to at least open up a chance for appreciative followers of the project to support this project financially.

Hardly knowing what I was doing, I went ahead created a patreon page where from $5 per month you now have the option of drip-feeding Making Permaculture Stronger a little financial lifeblood. Toward making Making Permaculture Stronger even stronger at making permaculture stronger.

To my surprise and delight, 35 people have made the decision to support the project! That followers of this blog and podcast care enough to contribute toward the costs of making this happen, I was and remain deeply touched and grateful.

Those supporters chipping in $20 or more per month are invited to regular (currently 6-weekly) online sessions where we are experimenting to co-create an online community around sound, life-embracing permaculture design process.

Those supporters chipping in $50 or more per month are invited to regular (currently 6-weekly) online sessions where we enjoy more intimate explorations of how the ideas we’re developing apply to our own personal contexts.

There are other tiers and options also as well as the option of making a one-time donation via paypal.

Anyways, no pressure, I’m so happy for you to continue enjoying the project at no cost and I’m committed to that always being an option. However, if you are getting genuine value and if you care about this work, you can help take this project to a whole other level and access a whole lot more content and support by chipping something in.

I tingle with excitement to imagine the possibility that I could eventually spend whole days working on this project instead of going out to earn money then squeezing in the next post or podcast episode once the kids are asleep. Getting paid to do exactly what I most want to be doing with a good portion my life force. I’m putting it out there, and if you feel moved to help out, even a little, then I am so, so grateful.

Thank you for reading, and onward!

ps. oh yes, several people have asked if they could support the project by transferring direct to my (Australian) bank account and you sure can:

ING Bank

Bank Account name: Daniel Keith Palmer

BSB 923100

Account number 64644420